Packaging Design- A se Aam

Packaging designed for a hypothetical company who deals with mango juices, the USP of the company is that they don’t deal with only one mango juice that we usually see in the market, but they try to give the customers juices from different types of mangoes, For the project I used ‘Kesar’, ‘Safeda’ and ‘Dasheri’ .

The main Target audience for this product are the school going students ranging from 8-13yrs. I named my brand A se Aam, Keeping it simple and sweet, and have an easy recall value.

The material that I have decided on using after indepth research is TYPE 5 plastic, which is polypropylene. It is one of the safest Plastic for storing liquids, and many medicines bottles are made out of this plastic.

It is what ‘Paperboat’ also uses for their pouches, but the only flaw with the Paperboat design is that its not recyclable.

Therefore, my product is not a pouch but a normal bottle inspired from the shape of a mango, which is ergonomically easy to hold in hands and drink from it, because of the bulge, it creates a space where the thumb rests perfectly, which makes it easy to hold, and because the bend at the top, its easy to drink. And because it is a bottle, it is reusable.



To make sure that one don’t throw away the bottle, and would want to keep it and want to reuse it in some way, I wanted to make the package aesthetically beautiful. So, I explored with different techniques and fixed on Illustrations.

While researching on mangoes, I came across many fables related to it, and that gave me an idea. I used these short stories that, and represented them in the form of illustrations. For prototyping I just used one story.

The Idea

To represent single story on all the packaging of different flavours, but the costumes of the characters illustrated will change according to the state of where the mango is from. So, for Kesar the characters wore dresses from Gujarat, for Safeda – Andhra Pradesh, and finally Dasheri – Lucknow. This will also make children aware of different cultures of different states of India.

And the colours of the packaging came from the colour of the mango.

The story is about the mythological tale I came across of  how Mango came to earth: “A beautiful, golden radiant princess, the daughter of Sun God landed on Earth. The King of the land instantly fell in love with her, and desired to marry her. However, a sorceress fell jealous of how King was enamoured by her, and turned her into ashes. From these ashes a huge tree with dark green leaves grew, which bore golden fruits taking to the radiance of the princess. As one of the fruits ripened and fell on Earth, it instantly turned back into the same Princess Surya Bai. The King recognized her, and they got married.”




Andhra Pradesh



Final Product

n-01n-02n-03*the prototype is made up of paper-mache, therefore this odd texture, and the uneven shape.
Mentor: Nandini Verma , Surbhi Khanna

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