Lets Paradoodle with Leaves

The brief was to make a Book, keeping LEAF as the main element. So, I made an activity book for all age groups, inspired from the concept of pareidolia i.e. how ones sees a familiar figure/pattern when nothing is there in reality. For eg: Shapes that we see in clouds/moon.

So this activity books, could be used as a relaxation exercise and will help one develop his/her imagination and observation skills.

The aim of the book is to create Characters of your own by using the concept of Pareidolia. (For all age group)



I made 10 such figures which can create minimum 10 characters each, one can use butter paper on which he/she can trace their character and colour it up.29389637311997.573c0ee03fa91

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some of the characters that I created as examples for the user.


Mentor: Ranjan De

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