Hajmola Branding

Brief:  To design an Identity for any brand or concept (existing or created) taking inspiration from any one art movement. I took Dadaism as my art movement.
In general, this is what DADAISM is…
Untitled-1 (2).jpg
I chose ‘Dabur Hajmola‘ as my company for which i was supposed to redesign it’s identity. I took the technique of photomontage to design different characters to add to the hajmola family, and give it a comical look, as in India it is usually taken as a candy that kids enjoy, although it is a herbal medicine for better digestion.
So, what I did is that i took some images of people with sour face reaction, and combined/distorted them a little (photomontage) and then I illustrated the outcomes to give my own touch.

After I made my characters, I gave them colour and Flavours

Newspaper cutting text is another element of DADAISM.
Finally, I created pamphlets,packaging and hoarding using this.


The boxes made were of 3 sizes, one with all the 6 flavours, one with any 3 flavours and one with only 1 flavour. The material of the boxes would be tin, as its durable and reusable.


Mentor: Sharad Mathur

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